The_Moldy_Foxi have lost my charger for my laptop, so if i start up minecraft my laptop will die and cant play, please dont delete my claim, im trying to find it as soon as i can, pleasepleaseplease
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Duke_Ironhelm   You stuff is only likely to be deleted if you're gone for months, don't worry. I hope you manage to find that charger :)
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Ordie1New posting on Reddit. Get out there and vote! The map is a year old this month. Thanks to everyone who have participated and made Silversun and enjoyable refuge.
World of Silversun [PVE]{18+}{whitelist}{1.12} * r/mcservers
The World of Silversun** **We're a year old this month!!** The World of Silversun is a small whitelisted minecraft server with a strong...
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Lotje90Someone, help! I am in very unfortunate situation. I angered a pigmen near a portal, my bed is on the other side of the portal at the orc city. So I respawn in a horde of angry pigmen.. So could anyone lead the horde of angry zombie pigmen from the portal or load the chunk for like a minute (think that should work, so you don't have to come near them in the storage room).

Currently it is an immediate death the moment I log on. :(
Lotje90   After about thirty deaths they had their revenge. So no longer in need of immediate help.

Beware though, they are still angry in the nether (and my stuff is still there..)
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