PraiseThySun and Richard registered to Silversun Minecraft Server
PraiseThySun   says im not whitelisted... do i have the wrong ip?
fromtia   Im still at work and havent whitelisted you yet. Sorry for the delay. Be home soon.
PraiseThySun   take your time! just wondering why i wasn't
PraiseThySun   created a new thread Lil_Pinecone's Whitelist Application in the Recruitment forum
RichardI'm New to this Community(10 Min...XD) I noticed your Building Medieval Themed Map? This Sounds Like a lot of Fun and I'm on Everyday...Msg me to talk about it.
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fromtia   Well hello and welcome.
fromtiaThis one is less content heavy and more bug fixes which makes me think we are starting to get close. Several more weeks perhaps?
Minecraft Snapshot 18w16a
We're very close to feature complete, and have now started focusing more on bug fixing & polishing! New custom world type: Buffet Coral fans now generate naturally Drowned can some...
Next update will include alot of slabs, stairs, and etc. * r...
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Lotje90As a hobby project I wanted to try and make a map of Silversun in a fantasy style. This is just the smallest chunk, but what do you think?
Link Description
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fromtia   Amazing! I love it! ❤️
Squelch   Absolutely fantastic!! can't wait to see more.
Sp00kys   So awesome!
Araps   registered to Silversun Minecraft Server
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fromtia   Welcome.
TIL Shorter people build higher ceilings inside their buildi...
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Archavex   created a new thread Rooms in a REAL castle in the Building Resources forum
fromtiaI installed this fellow. Please test and advise. :)
One Player Sleep
Do you own a small survival server, and hate asking your friends to sleep? Then try this plugin! Only one player has to sleep to set the time to day! One player sleep No commands, ...
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Ordie1   Very nice.
Squelch   Like it!
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