fromtiaThis might be obvious, but...there are unexplored ocean areas on the map. Don't explore them! they will generate as 1.13 chunks if we explore them after we update. :)
ArchavexHey guys! Finally got a new pc, and will hopefully be joining you again soon!
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fromtia   Huzzah!
Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot 18w11a New Drowned Underwater Hostil...
Minecraft 1.13 Update Aquatic Videos ►
Squelch   Peeps are going to need to adjust their Zombie XP grinders, as they will no longer swim up in water. Instead they'll just stand there until they become drowned.
fromtiaWither now, Silversun?

I'm thoroughly enjoying our lovely server , great to be back after a long stint away in the so called "real world". The best thing about Silversun is all the excellent builders it has, what a treat to see what's been made. Here's what I have planned for the foreseable future;

1. A 2000 block map expansion with the Aquatic Update.
2. A thorough cleaning of the whitelist and the map. Regenerating unfinished builds and junk builds into fresh terrain.
3. I'll be working on roads to tie the map together a bit, and also to get players easily to the map edge for the new ocean biomes.
4. expanding the rail network for the same purpose.
5. I'm going to thoroughly clean and reformat the forums to make them a bit less cluttered and a bit more user friendly.

Happy building Silversunners. :)
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Sp00kys   Not gonna lie. A small part of me was gearing up to start the hunt for a new map that was heavy on oceans in case we were gonna restart. I'm good with this though.
fromtia   Yeah the Oceans are really special, theyve done an amazing job, but we planned for these updates well and I think everyones going to be happy with how much new ocean we get.
fromtia   We can also regen chunks of our exsisting oceans in idle moments.
fromtiaShaping up to be the best update in a loooong time. :)
Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 18w10a * r/Minecraft
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fromtia   [link]
fromtia   [link]
fromtiaUnderwater ruins? Coral? omg. :)
Minecraft Snapshot 18w09a Has Been Released. * r/Minecraft
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fromtiamedieval goodness all the time on r/minecraft....
The start of a humble medieval farming settlement! * r/Minec...
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fromtia   added 30 Advanced days to Silversun Minecraft Server
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fromtiaThe Gnomes have taken to the deeps....
The Power of Underwater Slabs and Stairs * r/Minecraft
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fromtiaSo lovely.
Medieval Survival World Update: added a sawmill, with a cust...
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Lotje90   So where will you build something similar, From? :)
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