fromtiaEhmergerd. :)
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SquelchDoes anyone mind if I claim a few of the buildings in Volnay?

I'm building some interactive elements for you guys to play with, and things like pistons only work inside of a claim.

I won't be claiming anything that's named, like Duke's "The Burnt Bakery"... just some of the unused buildings.
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fromtia   fine with me :)
SmuglyDismissed   Yeah, Np!
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fromtia   You old devil. Thanks Sp00ks.
Sp00kys   Finally got the broken laptop replaced and have been playing a little bit of survival with my 8yo. Going to try and get on the server in the evenings a couple of nights a week. Don't expect to run into anyone since I'm US West Coast but maybe on the weekend.
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SquelchSomething exciting is coming...
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Lotje90   Today I have seen a sneak peak. And honestly Squelch has done some incredible work! Super excited to see where this leads :)
Ordie1   Sounds interesting.
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Ordie1Merry Christmas everyone.
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SquelchMerry Christmas Everybody!!!
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Ordie1   Merry Christmas!
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