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donut5517   created a new thread Recruitment in the Recruitment forum
YoungTriizyAny idea when Dynmap will be back up?
donut5517 and PegacornGuppy registered to Silversun Minecraft Server
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fromtia   Welcome.
PegacornGuppy   created a new thread PegacornGuppy Whitelist App in the Recruitment forum
Diamond_drop   registered to Silversun Minecraft Server
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Araps   Welcome to Silversun !
fromtiaElfs of the Deep woods, Dwarfs of the Forbidden Depths, Gnomeverlords of the Mushroom Kingdoms! Please welcome Lotje90 to the Moderator team.
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YoungTriizy   Congrats Lotje!!!!1
Sir Archibald   BOO HISS BOO!! She is too nice to be a mod, bad choice!! BOO!

Just kidding, congrats Lot now I am gonna have to find some way to make alot of work for ya :p
Ordie1   Congrats!
YoungTriizyAnyone else getting a can't resolve hostname when trying to join server?
fromtia   Server is up and working correctly.
Sir ArchibaldAny news on the Dynmap situation Fromtia
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fromtia   So sorry been busy since I got back. I have some days off starting tomorrow and I'll get it fixed.
723ctttt   registered to Silversun Minecraft Server
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fromtia   Hello and welcome.
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